Our team is composed of professionals who are always ready to repatriate patients, in the most efficient way, within Europe over the ground and/or worldwide by air transport.

In order to provide the right care and the highest degree of comfort on the road, our ambulances are fully equipped with modern medical equipment. On the other hand, we have a complete mobile equipment set to repatriate patients by air transport. In special situations, we can also deploy an air ambulance, which we carry out together with Zeusch Aviation.

Upon the application, a customer file is immediately compiled and discussed with you how, and within what time frame, the assignment should be carried out.

AirAmbulance Amsterdam unburdens and takes care of the entire process in the most professional manner. You will be kept appropriately informed of the progress via our message system.

By organizing the company efficiently and planning colleagues in the same way, a team is always ready to leave on the road or solo via the air within a very short time.

We use the most up-to-date OMAR guidelines for our repatriations.