AirAmbulance Amsterdam is a young and dynamic company that offers professional medical repatriation by air transport, with great attention to cooperation and enthusiasm.

Our nurses can be deployed on the ambulance, but also in other branches of health care where our knowledge and skills match the needs of the customer.

Our employees are trained and schooled on a regular basis and are familiair with the latest regulations and guidelines, the handling of patients and (medical) equipment.

We work from the Basic Life Support-guidelines.
Our ambulances are stationed in our own ambulancestation in Weesp, The Netherlands. These ambulances are fully equipped according to the standards of the National Ambulance Care Protocol, Advanced Life Support- and Basic Life Support-guidelines.

AirAmbulance Amsterdam is a trade name of Ambulancezorg+ B.V.

Our plus

Our plus offers both the quality of the cooperation and the quality of the care to your full satisfaction:

  • We have years of experience with B+ transportation. B+ means all patient transportation, except OGS (optical and sound) transportation;
  • We like to think along with our partners about the correct / necessary deployment;
  • We are extremely flexible and can deliver at short notice;
  • We can offer our services at very competitive rates.