Beechcraft King Air

Our fleet is operated by Zeusch Aviation and consists of 4 King Air aircrafts in medical configuration. With its versatile performance capabilities, including the ability to land and take off from short and unpaved runways, the King Air can perfectly be used for repatriation.

In repatriation-configuration, the aircrafts have a Lifeport PLUS system with a single patient stretcher, including Compresses Air, a vacuum system, a 1000 Watt converter with 3 outputs and a 3,500 liter oxygen concentration system.

Our standard equipment consists off:

  • T1 Hamilton ventilator
  • LifePak 15 monitor/defib
  • Laerdal suction system
  • Braun IV pumps
  • Emergency bag with all necessary medication and disposables for medical support during the repatriation

Additional equipment can be added with required patient care, depending on each individual mission.